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We do not sell any PC with a Windows 10 operating system or a PC which is not working. We usually buy PCs as a bulk but if we cannot upgrade or repair them for the Pro version of the Windows 11 operating system to run, we use them for parts.

What you get is a repaired/refurbished unit with Windows 11 Pro and MS Office 2021 Pro preinstalled and activated.

We apply commercial licensees cost effective, and you wouldn't have any problem usually for the lifetime of their use for free. If you have any problem, you can change the key to a different own key costing about $10 to be done with it. 

We can also assist you to get things back with a purchased item for any other software or hardware issue should you require an assist. We might also be able to volunteer to check your PC via PC to PC remote service from Winnipeg if you could allow us to access your PC for problems check. In some cases, you may need a second PC with the webcam so we can be able to communicate and get into the PC needing  a fix.  

A keyboard, pen, or case are also sometimes available to add for a small fee. And an item may be also available with the quantity in numbers for more than one, so please give it an enquiry if needed.

On Sale

Windows 11 22H2 upgrade service 

+MS Office 2021 Pro

Most old PCs and these days are Miracast enabled PCs. And future Android and iPhones are Windows 11 enabled phones. If for some reasons that the Miracast in and out files are corrupted in such a way for not being able to see the hardware and software that are already inside, some configurations are needed. To check to get the Miracast to work:

1)   Windows Key + R, type dxdiag and then click OK. Select  Display from the top bar and then check the Driver Model detail. If you see more than 1.3 in WDDM, the PC is Miracast supported. So just need to configure the wireless adapter:


2)   Windows Key + R, type ipconfig  /all and click OK


3)   Open the settings: < System > < Projecting to this PC>  and select  <Available everywhere>. If that doesn’t work for some reasons:

4)   If that also doesn't work for some reasons, Windows 11 22H2 can fix the issue. 


We are offering  Windows 11 22H2 service until October,  until 23H2 to have come out for free.

The 23H2 is on the way just in 2 months. The 22H2 was an unexpectable and difficult process  to many Windows 11 PC users around the world for being able to upgrade their PCs, resulting millions of PCs to shot dead by their conventional means to the further future upgrades. Only the hope now that Microsoft can reverse this trend in 23H2.    

Do you have a good laptop or tablet and have you checked the followings?

And have you tried the Installation Assistant directly from Microsoft?

If the answers is YES but the PC is not ready, then the upgrade process is a bit complicated.  We are offering 22H2 upgrade service to any good laptop or tablet you have.  $300 

To purchase an upgraded Dell 5290 with 22H2, see...