Nevill Fernando

A hobbyist who writes literature for academics and PhD students worldwide with their research studies for English language and linguistics, so to speak. On the profession, one of those very successful small-business owners for some times in Winnipeg in semi-skill and unskill labor industries, being as an entrepreneur with the mandate mostly in acquiring and rehabilitating residential properties in downtown areas and in providing better housing for Aboriginal people in particular, until about a decade ago apparently. 

With the fascination for our formal writings and technical literature and so for himself being known of the descriptive legacy of the spoken language very well, would prefer only to say “It is then yet obvious to me from experiences in the last 25 years, with the introduction to government and politics, that my environment in which I mingle would be with our small men and women, particularly for government and politics, and for much less literacy in them in general."  "A different and difficult form of prevailing orthodoxy," he  explains , and he explains further "It is the belief by which to abide with those all sorts of vindicated vanities carrying individuals for promulgating their statuses in counterclaim and revolt against commonsense theotokos to be epithet.”

As a self-employed person well-known in Winnipeg for small-trades skills for undertaking a rundown apartment block ownership within 14 days and in putting things back in order in those May, June, July, August summer months alone in addition for going to University of Winnipeg as a full time student in the commencing the same September month—a great masculinity and social pride that possible only to some gifted males, he believes, but he also did it without much difficulties, he thinks.   

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